Rules Of Conduct Of Mother School

  • In your dress and behaviour keep a sense of self respect and dignity. You owe it to your parents and to your school, Correct behaviour is the expression of a fine character.
  • Be simple in your ways and words. Never make a show of yourself because it is a bad manner and it shows lack of sincerity.
  • Manners reveal your family, and speech your education. Avoid using indecent language.
  • Courtesy begets Courtsesy; make use of the word ‘please’ and ‘thanks’ more often, If you have to criticize do not be destructive but be constructive.
  • In your dealings with others be polite and obliging. Always try to be a good companion to others and not to hurt anybody.
  • In games be honest and fair. Never shows disappointment if you lose, and never be arrogant when you win, Accept, the decisions of the referee with grace. Develop a good sporting spirit.