Parental Co-Operation Of Mother School

  • The full success of the education of a child depends upon the whole hearted co-operation of the parents.
  • We would like to place the following suggestions to the parents for their serious consideration.
  • Kindly make the best use of the Diary by going through it periodically for comments from the teachers and to convey your opinion to us,
  • They are reminded that a disciplined child at home will be a disciplined child at school.
  • Parental supervision of study and home work will ensure remarkable improvement in the performance of child at school.
  • Parents /Guardians are requested to visit the school at least once in a term to know the progress of your children. For information and complaints they are requested to contact the principal directly and not the teacher or office staff.
  • Every first Saturday, parents are having the privilege to interact with the teaching staff.
  • Parents are expected to take an active interest in the Parent Teacher’s Association.